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Dr. K. Steven Whiting

Dr. Whiting is an Orthomolecular Nutritionist. His degrees include a Masters in Psychology as well as a Doctorate in Biochemistry earned at International Universities.

Three decades of personal, practical experience in the field of human nutrition have earned him an international reputation, not only in the understanding of the human body and the profound effect that nutrition plays in protecting and preserving the body, but also in outstanding results that he has consistently achieved while working with clients on a global scale.

His commitment and dedication within the nutrition field has led him into extensive research into such chronic conditions as Heart Disease, Arthritis, Diabetes, Osteoporosis and Prostrate problems, to name but a few.  The result of this research has been pivotal in the development of nutritional protocols for the prevention, management and reversal of these conditions.

Studies he has conducted have led to a totally new system of weight management, based on ‘Body Typing' , wherein How a persons body handles food, is evaluated Before they are put on a weight management program that's customized for them.

More recently, he has focused his attention on the human immune system.  His subsequent research into deep viral infections has led to the use of oxygen therapy as well as other potent, all-natural immune boosters for the management of immune-compromised conditions.

Further, his work with AIDS and Cancer patients, using meditation, biofeedback and visualization has received worldwide attention. continue to next page